What is AppLike?

AppLike is a platform to support Retailers, SME, SEO and other Local Brand Owners to build their Apps with a reasonable rate.
Retailers can use AppLike to let their customers shops everywhere in 24 hours.
SME can use AppLike to increase their communication with their clients.
SEO can use AppLike to explore their services to public in a more connivence ways.
Local Brand Owners can use AppLike to maximize their brand awareness to target audience.

Why use AppLike?

In 21 century, Technology Breakthrough is the key of success or not.
AppLike is developed by a group of IT professional through multi-testing and breakthrough to launch it. This breakthrough in technologies make AppLike can provide an everyone can affordable rate to make their Apps.

What difference between AppLike with others?

Customers can save a lot from AppLike to Build their Apps.
Most of Hong Kong customers want to have their own App to expand their business. However they face a critical question is the expensive production cost of making App by most of Hong Kong IT company. Some of this production cost are over 100,000 for a single (iOS or Android) platform and double for twin (iOS & Android) platforms.
In AppLike, customers only need to pay an everyone can affordable price, start from $9,800 for a single platform, then they can make their desired Apps. If client want to develop twin platforms, AppLike provide a 50% discount on second platform.

Why need an App?

Apps are not only a trend, but also a Must Have Tool to expand business.
From Google figures, the usage of Smartphone (iPhone or Android Phone) and Tablet (iPad or Mobile Tablet) are already over the usage of computer in 2013. We use Apps every-days, every-hour and even every-minutes and this create a new communication ways between Business to Consumers (B2C) or Business to Business (B2B).
Apps become a must have tool to everyone if they want to reach their target users in 21 Century.

What are the characteristics of AppLike?

1/   Affordable Price: Only $9,800, everyone can have their own App by AppLike.
2/   Unlimited Content: Clients can expand their content without extra charge (up to 1GB data).
3/   Fast Production Time: As fast as only 2 weeks, client’s App can be download from Google PlayStore.
4/   Professional IT Team: With over 10 years IT experience professional team to build client’s Apps.
5/   Multi-Design: Clients can choose from our multi-design layout to fit for their requirement.
6/   Multi-Features: There have plenty features that clients can choose to build their unique functions Apps.

What is the pricing of AppLike?

The Pricing Structure of AppLike is transparent and simple.
Customers can go through our pricing page to know the detail. AppLike follow the rule of fair and clear pricing strategy, and haven’t any hidden cost behind the listed price. Every extra features have their listed price, customers can choose this extra features by their need and budget.

How to manage the App after build?

AppLike provide Content Management System (CMS) for client to manage their Apps.
After the App have been produced, AppLike will prove a training and manual to clients for manage their App. This are free of charge and our supporting team can also provide digital support by request. AppLike can also provide monthly data management service if client request.  

Can use data in website to AppLike?

Clients can use WebLike to migrate the data to AppLike.
WebLike is another digital solution provided by Max Cross Solution Ltd. and which provide website solution to clients. If clients looking for a solution that use a single database to link up all three platforms (iOS + Android + Website), then WebLike + AppLike are the perfect solution for it. For detail, please contact our Solution Consultant for enquiry.

Further Questions?

If you have any further questions,
please call our
Solution Consultant: 852-3483 2292
or email us: info@AppLike.hk